Photo by: Megan Benger Photography

The Story

          After nearly completing a Pre-Medical Science degree, I suffered a severe concussion which forced me to re-think a life of Medicine.  It wasn't long before I realized that all along my true passion was hiding in plain sight.  I turned my hobby of film and photography into my career and started Dueck Right Productions.


The Mission

           I strive to provide top quality video and photo products at a price you can afford.  Whether it's commercials, special events, or even seemingly strange artistic films; Dueck Right Productions can help you turn your vision into a visual experience.   This independent videography business is tailored to meet your video and photo needs.   Feel free to contact me even to simply ask questions and get more information.   Prices for different projects have (and will continue to be) incredibly flexible depending on your various circumstances.  Thank you for your consideration.


          -  Jordan Dueck  -

            All images found on this site are the work of Jordan Dueck or his associates and are for display purposes only.   Contact Jordan directly before using any of these materials for any purpose.  The use of any video material for any purpose (commercial or non-commercial) must be accompanied by direct consent from Dueck Right Productions.