A video I recently created to help raise funds for a ministry organization that's very close to my heart.  Here's the scoop:


March 13-20, 2016 | Bangkok, Thailand

DRIME leaders from Brazil, Kenya, Benin, Paraguay, Thailand, Togo, Mexico, Hong Kong and Canada will be gathering for a week of leadership training to learn how to make ministry more effective in their own countries. We’ve seen from the past two Summits that this is a unique experience for DRIME leaders to learn from one another and be re-inspired to serve their cities.This Summit will include leadership sessions, drama & evangelism training, regional discussion forums, and local outreach experience (streets).


Personally I'm helping to raise funds specifically for the base leaders of the chapter I helped to plant in West Africa (Lome, Togo).

 If you feel at all compelled to give then please feel free to.  No obligation, but if you choose to support it I would be incredibly grateful.  Blessings,

-Jordan Dueck-